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Looking to sell your house? Farrington Properties can give you an alternative solution.

A Perfect Room

From single rooms to whole house short stays you’ll find your Perfect Room right here!

Commercial Property Buyers

Are you considering selling your commercial property? Perhaps we can help?

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Looking to sell your house? Farrington Properties can give you an alternative solution.

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Looking to invest with Farrington Properties? Find out here how we can help.

About Farrington Properties

Farrington Properties is a true family business established in Burton-on-Trent now since 1998. The family and founder members John and Alison Farrington along with their daughters Claire Farrington and Amie Talbot-Farrington have always understood the importance of offering a personal customer service experience. We truly understand that each and every person deserves the very best attention and understanding. As such we will try at all times when possible to offer our personal attention and as such will not be passed to a call centre or central admin department, that does not understand or have the knowledge to look after you and in the way we would expect ourselves.

Farrington House Buyers

Farrington House Buyers is part of and run by Farrington Properties and have been in the property business since 1998, during which time have helped many home owners and landlords sell their property and for many reasons. Some just needed a quick cash sale, some needed a flexibility timescale and some had mortgage and other financial problems. Each and every different person had a different reason to sell and needed a different type of solution. This is where we believe you will benefit by dealing with a our experienced family team at Farrington House Buyers – why, because we will listen to you and try to understand your individual needs and find a tailor made solution that works for you.

Our experience in buying proprieties since 1998 is to make the process as simple as possible for you the seller, which is helped along with our business partners that make the legal process seem virtually a walk in the park.

Farrington House Buyers

Commercial Property Buyers

We are a family business established since 1998, during which time we have purchased both residential and commercial properties. We are different from commercial selling agents as we have a completely different approach. An alternative way for you to sell and for us to buy your property.

Our alternative approach offers you choice in how your commercial property can be sold, with flexible arrangements tailor made to suit your needs. Whether your priority is price alone or flexible exchange and completion timescale to fit in with any existing tenants, clients and your own personal needs, Farrington Properties can offer that flexibility that otherwise you may find difficult to obtain from a more traditional selling method with a commercial selling agent.

We consider any type of property and in any condition, we can also assist if needed with any existing finance issues. Ex or current nursing homes, offices and in fact any commercial property or land will be considered.

Commercial Property Buyers

Farrington Investment Network

Farrington Properties have been investing in properties now since 1998, and as a result have extensive experience in this investment area.

We can offer you the opportunity to join our networking circle of investors, where you will see the fantastic opportunities to invest for a return far exceeding most investment classes.

You can start SMALL or BIG. There is no minimum or maximum amount that you can invest, the choice is yours.

We must explain that this is a regulated market and as such are limited to what we can and cannot offer to you directly.

If you are a family member, relative, friend with whom we have had previous discussions about investment opportunities, and you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, then we may be able to meet up to discuss what opportunities are available to you.

If we have not met before, or have not had any previous in depth discussions about property investment, then although we may not be able to offer you a direct opportunity to invest with us, we will be able to network you with our team of other investors, who may be able to offer you similar investment opportunities.

We can offer an initial free consultation, with absolutely no obligation, the choice is then yours.

Email us now. Giving us as much detailed information about any previous experience you may have, and what type of investments you may be looking for. Any other additional information about you in general that may help us to understand what you are looking for now and in the future will also be of great assistance to us.

Thank you for reading this, please now use the registration process to receive a login access code.

Farrington Investment Network

Farrington Landlord Options

Thinking of selling?

Thinking of selling your rental properties?

Several Reasons many landlords want or need to sell:

  1. Problem tenants, had enough of rent arrears, voids, bad tenants?
  2. New taxation rules, leaving you with very little money left, especially after all other running costs.
  3. Just want to sell up?

You may have just one property to sell or an entire portfolio.

If so, we can help!

Call us for discreet no obligation consultation. We can offer far greater flexibility in the way we buy from you. The alternative way to an estate agent, commercial agent or auction.

You may want to sell over a period of time, one now, one in a few months’ time and even in year or two. This may be for several reasons; tied into mortgage loan commitments, such as early redemption fees, or tenancies that have not yet expired, but want certainty now that a sale has been agreed. We can even assist with your loan commitments and manage existing tenancies, so you can relax, knowing with confidence that a sale has been agreed.

Farrington Landlord Options

A Perfect Room

Welcome to A Perfect Room…your affordable space!

We rent and let luxury rooms, flats, apartments and houses in Burton-on-Trent, Derby, Swadlincote, Hatton, Tutbury, Lichfield, Coalville, Uttoxeter and Alrewas with low move in costs.

We offer same day move in with a high standard, professionally managed short or long stay accommodation tailored to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a house share, co-living, flat share, bedsit and even if you need to move in today, please contact one of the members of our team to find out more.

A Perfect Room is part of and run by Farrington Properties. We are a family run business established since 1998. We have a good knowledge and understanding of the property market and as we are a privately funded company we are independent of estate agents.

We offer tailor-made solutions to help you find accommodation to suit your needs, From short term to long term we have everything you could need. We let our own properties and have our own in house lettings and maintenance team and by working closely with all our clients we have found that our approach to helping people find accommodation is more personal and stress free.

By choosing a perfect room by Farrington Properties you are guaranteed a friendly, honest service and we operate with complete discretion, we are not estate agents so your move will be quick and hassle free. Much of our business relies on word-of-mouth referrals, if you are satisfied with our service then it’s highly likely other people will come to know about it.

A Perfect Room